Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mission Defense Launch

Mission Defense is now available on the Android Market for phones running Android 2.2+ (excluding Honeycomb tablets) that have a high-resolution screen (480 x 800 minimum resolution). Feel free to email us or comment below on any problems, suggestions, or questions.  We hope you enjoy our new game!

Mission Defense is a tower defense game that takes place in space. The objective is to defend your planets from the invading horde of enemy ships. Use strategy to place any of the 6 towers on the map to destroy your enemies. Defend your planets through the 30 level campaign and unlock the 5 bonus levels. Free play levels become available as you progress through the campaign.

Each of the 6 towers has an element type associated with it. Each enemy has strengths and weaknesses against certain elements. Certain towers have special abilities to help slow down the incoming enemies and protect your planet.

Game features:
6 upgradable towers
15+ different enemies
20+ awards
30 level campaign mode
Free play mode
5 bonus levels


Home screen

Level 1

Free play level select


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